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Kristy North Peigan

aka Kristiclesgg

Indigenous Art and Expression


Kristy North Peigan is a Peigan First Nation member and a freelance artist in Calgary, AB, located in Treaty 7 territory. 


Kristy is a Blackfoot artist with a surreal and futuristic style that juxtaposes digital painting with oils on canvas for her works. She uses Indigenous teachings and subject matter to portray a modern view of Indigenous voices in surreal spaces. Her unique artistic vision and advocacy have brought her many exciting experiences in both her art and cosplay. She has worked on various design projects and logos, aiding in uplifting Indigenous businesses, organizations, and community projects. Her work on these projects and spaces adds a layer of reciprocity to these organizations by having another layer of indigenous representation. Kristy continues her work as a freelance artist, designer,  prop maker, muralist, youth facilitator, and costume maker.


She hopes to continue adding new professional endeavours and experiences to her artistic practice.


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