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cos·play noun
the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game.

From sewing to foam crafting, I love making my own costumes to wear!
I will have patterns available in my store, and you can watch my build process on my social media.

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The story of Kristiclesgg

It started as a nickname, and it stuck so I changed my cosplay name to "Kristicles." I added the "GG" which means "good game" in gamer terms, as it was a frequent saying in my friend group. It's my screen name and synonymous with my identity as my cosplay persona, and now as an artist. I don't mind being called either "Kristy" or "Kristicles."

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  • Are your costumes for sale?
    Typically I don't sell my costumes. I make them custom fitted to my stature, and my level of craft now means they are portfolio pieces for myself to showcase. I will advertise if a costume is ever for sale through my social channels! Lot's of cosplayers sell costumes though!
  • Can you make me a costume for Halloween?
    Typically the answer is no. Unless I advertise I have commissions open, it is unlikely I am available to make you a costume. My rate starts at $60/hour to build a costume, before cost of materials and hours spent on the project. I love making costumes, but typically only for myself. But lot's of cosplayers have commissions open!
  • Can I book you for events?
    I love working events! I don't have this as a formal service, so please contact me to chat about your event for a cosplay appearance, or email my cosplay email for guesting inquiries.
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